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Classic Tracker


Classic Tracker provides a secure and reliable tracking service dedicated for classic cars and motorcycles.

We will liaise with the Police to rapidly recover your Classic

 A three-wire, self-install tracker which uses GPS & GSM to establish and maintain the secure-status of your classic. In the event of any unauthorised movement or tampering, you receive an alert via app/SMS/email and have access to real-time information on an app or the web. Additionally, we provide the ability for you to remotely immobilise your car during a theft situation.

Click on 'Demo Login' if you'd like to see the kind of info you'd get from your Classic Tracker.

Services from simple SMS-text alerts to full Police Interaction in the event of vehicle theft situation.


Global Coverage Simple 3 Wire Self-Install
Remote immobilisation of vehicle from mobile app or web portal Police Interaction
Vehicle Battery Tamper Alerts Internal Battery Backup
Smart Movement Alerts Web & App Live Tracking

 Software and platform configured for Classics and the way in which they are used


Three Different Services – Two Types of Tracker – Primarily Classics


How It's Different

*The Classic Tracker is configured for classic vehicle electrical systems.

*The Classic Tracker features advanced power management, is small & concealable device.

*The Classic Tracker has no external antennae.

*We will interact with the Police in the event your vehicle is stolen.

*The Classic Tracker is set-up to protect classic cars & bikes which are rarely used.

*We provide advanced geofencing which protect your car or bike even when its away from home.

*We make it easy for you or your auto-electrician to install with just three wires.

*We offer a range of tracker types for different classics – all at the same price.


More detailed information on Classic Tracker differentiation available here.

A price that fits Classics

Three services to choose from.

First-year bundles include tracker, plus the Immobiliser Pack* & first year subscription

UK, European, USA & Canada Coverage
Single SafePlace Assignment
SafePlace Boundary Alerts (SMS only)
Movement Alert (SMS Only)
UK, European, USA & Canada Coverage
Mobile App & Web
SMS, Email & App Alerts
Multiple SafePlace Assignment
SafePlace Boundary Alerts
Real-Time Map Tracking
Power Tamper/Ignition Sense
Towing Alerts
Battery Health
Remote Vehicle Immobiliser
Optional SAFER Incident Interaction Fee
Also Including
Incident Interaction with UK Police

All Classic Tracker devices have a one year warranty & and are covered by a 30-day money back policy.

Multi-year Packages & Quantity Discounts Available


*Note that SAFE has no immobiliser option.

What our Customers & Partners say about us


E Type Jaguar classic car tracker
Really hard to fault. It arrived the next day as promised. I installed it in 30 minutes into my E-Type, they gave me a log in within 5 mins of submitting my registration and it works exactly as the described. Nice app by the way. Thanks


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Classic Land Rover Series tracker
Classic Tracker was so simple to install, without having to bastardise the car's original wiring.



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